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FBM Signs Purchase Agreement to Acquire Winroc/SPI

FBM announces that a purchase agreement has been signed to acquire the Construction Products Division (Winroc/SPI) from Superior Plus, a Canadian Corporation.

Winroc/SPI started in 1971 from a single location in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It grew into 34 branches across Canada followed by US expansion into Arizona, Minnesota, Nevada and Utah. In 2009, Winroc purchased Specialty Products and Insulation (SPI) allowing the company to further expand into the ceilings business as well as the commercial and Insulation business.

Once the integration of Winroc/SPI into FBM is complete, FBM will have over 200 locations in the U.S. and Canada and over 3,000 employees making it one of the largest building materials distributors in North America.

To read more details about the purchase agreement please visit the news source links below.

Reuters: Superior Plus to sell unit for $325 million

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