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Elevating Supply and Stocking Efficiency with JLG® Telehandlers: Foundation Building Materials Approach

Foundation Building Materials (FBM) is a leading distributor of building materials and construction products such as, drywall, steel studs, … steadfast in its mission to cater to the evolving needs of professional construction trades. The strategic integration of JLG® Telehandlers has transformed FBM’s operational landscape, redefining the way we approach projects throughout California.

Telehandler Models: 1055 JLG and 2733 High Capacity

1055 JLG Telehandler: Precision and Adaptability

The 1055 JLG Telehandler represents FBM’s dedication to precision and adaptability. With a robust lifting capacity of 10,000 pounds and an impressive 55-foot lift height, it expertly handles the movement of heavy materials across varying elevations. Its 42-foot reach ensures accurate material placement, making it an ideal choice for projects of diverse scopes. Whether it’s positioning door frames or transporting bulk materials, the 1055 model showcases FBM’s commitment to seamless operations.

2733 High Capacity JLG Telehandler: Tackling Heavy-Duty Challenges

FBM’s commitment to excellence is evident in the use of the 2733 High Capacity JLG Telehandler. Boasting an impressive lifting capacity of 26,600 pounds and a 33-foot lift height, it becomes an indispensable tool for heavy-duty projects. With a reach extending to 17 feet 7 inches, it enables precise material positioning. The 2733 model empowers FBM to undertake substantial tasks with finesse, solidifying our reputation for efficiency and reliability.

Efficiency Redefined: FBM and JLG Telehandlers

The synergy between FBM and JLG Telehandlers represents operational efficiency. On California’s dynamic construction sites, these machines act as catalysts for quick and accurate material movement. Whether it’s the 1055 or the 2733 model, FBM’s ability to cater to projects of varying complexities remains unmatched.

Driving Project Progress

JLG Telehandlers redefine how FBM approaches construction projects. Seamless material management, precise load positioning, and expedited project timelines are natural outcomes of these machines’ capabilities. Their pivotal role underscores FBM’s dedication to delivering top-tier materials and solutions across California’s construction market.


Strengthening the Backbone of Construction

As FBM continues its mission to serve the professional construction trades, the strategic deployment of JLG Telehandlers emerges as a cornerstone of our approach. These machines embody FBM’s commitment to delivering excellence within California’s construction landscape. With the 1055 and 2733 models as our trusted partners, FBM strides ahead, reshaping construction efficiency and contributing to a brighter future for California.