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What’s In A Name?

The name “foundation” in Foundation Building Materials…

comes directly from the Bible, where in Luke 6:48 it speaks about a man building his house on a firm foundation (a rock) where it will be able to withstand the storms of life because of how it was built and what it stands on.

My vision for FBM is the same – to build a solid company that can withstand and flourish, no matter what the circumstances. This reminds me of our early beginnings in March of 2011, a period when the economy was definitely not experiencing a building boom, but we saw an opportunity and started by setting some small, obtainable goals. To this day, my original partners John Gorey, Tom Fischbeck and I have remained true to our original foundation values of safety comes first, being customer driven, valuing our people, integrity is honesty and pursuing excellence. As a result, FBM has grown quickly, substantially and even to the point of becoming a publicly traded company.

Relative to the FBM brand and our iconic cypress tree logo, I wanted something set apart, different than a standard picture of tools, drywall or metal studs. The cypress tree has always been compelling to me as I’d seen them many times standing tall along the Central Coast of California. To me it was and still is a symbol of strength, something that has a firm foundation.
My promise to our customers is clear, we will do business with integrity and honesty, strive to be the best every day and never forget we work for you.

To our employees, we must work as a team and prove ourselves to our customers every single day by striving to be the best building materials company ever.

As we grow and mature as a company, our principles will remain unchanged. We believe in our strategy and will work hard to be the company of choice in the markets we serve.


Best regards,

Ruben D. Mendoza
President & CEO
Foundation Building Materials LLC