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Power Tools

Power Tools

Power Tools come in all shapes and sizes however the large-scale shift in power tools that has taken place over the last 10 years has moved from corded to cordless power tools. This innovation and battery technology driven change has allowed contractors to be more mobile and efficient on the job site without the challenge of keeping power tools plugged in. Cordless power tools have also reduced the hazards associated with managing power cords on-site including the added time and cost with placing them overhead.

For the drywall trades there are a few power tools the drywall contractor must have to be successful.

  • A Reciprocating Saw (Recip Saw) is used to cut into drywall to create an opening or hole
  • A Drywall Screw Gun is usually a variable speed screw gun which is used to attach drywall using screws to the structure or studs
  • A Drywall Mud Mixing Drill is any variable speed drill which can support a mud mixing extension
  • A Drywall Cut Out Tool features a rotating drill bit which can be used like a router to efficiently cut holes and openings in drywall
  • A Jigsaw can be used to make precise cuts in the drywall to ensure a good fit and finish
  • A Chop Saw is not typically used to cut drywall but is used for cutting wood or steel studs to which the drywall is attached
  • Jobsite Vacuums are more important today than ever with the new regulations around exposure to crystalline silica dust (Rule 29 CFR 1926.1153). A quality, corded or cordless OSHA compliant vacuum can help keep contractors compliant while saving time and money.

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