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Stucco, Plaster and Metal Lath

Stucco, Plaster and Metal Lath

An excellent mix of durability and curb appeal, we have the right exterior stucco product for any climate. Choose or create just the right color for both residential and commercial projects. FBM covers your stucco project from base to finish with high quality materials.

Stucco is a widely used building material and exterior coating/wall covering which is applied to walls and ceilings. Stucco starts as a wet slurry type material which upon application cures or hardens into a solid, weather resistant finish. Stucco is typically applied in three different coats: scratch coat, brown coat and a finish coat. The application of stucco on different surfaces can vary, however the end result is the same, a well-finished surface that is long-lasting and durable.

Plaster wall construction pre-dated the use of drywall due to its versatile range of uses. Plaster, which is still used today, has some highly desirable characteristics which include: fire resistance, noise reduction and a high degree of flexibility in its application making it ideal for use on challenging wall sections, curves and tight locations. Typically applied in layers, plaster walls are built upon a wood or metal base or lath. Often referred to as “lath and plaster walls,” the lath provides a reinforcing structure to support the plaster or stucco- based materials.

Lathing systems are available in a wide-range of material types and configurations to meet the needs of today’s building requirements. Metal lath is commonly used for interior and exterior plaster and stucco applications.

Some Of The Stucco Brands We Carry

There are a range of different stucco, plaster and lath manufacturers within the continental U.S., Foundation Building Materials partners with the leading vendors listed below.

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