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New Mobile App from FBM Eliminates Costly Guesswork and Follow Up Associated with Building Materials Delivery

Foundation Building Materials (FBM), a North American Leader in Specialty Building Products and Mechanical Insulation, recently announced the release of a new, customer focused mobile application. Designed around today’s busy construction professional and the need to eliminate costly guesswork and follow up associated with building materials delivery, FBM has built a mobile app geared toward exactly that. With the push of a button, FBM customers can quickly view contents and track the delivery status of their building materials orders. Users can also take more of a hands-off approach by simply setting their notifications and email alerts to let them know when their orders have changed status and/or arrived on site. According to FBM’s Director of Marketing, Bryan Vigue, “the main goal of the FBM App is to save our customers time and resources, so whether an order has recently been placed, is in the process of being picked, happens to be en route or was just delivered on-site, FBM customers using the mobile app will know exactly what is going with their order from beginning to end” The FBM Mobile App also provides a range of other attractive features including a convenient branch locator, building materials quoting form as well as competitive special offer promotions on tools and fasteners.  The FBM App is available for both iOS and Android operating systems making it widely available on a range of different mobile devices including both phones and tablets. For more information about the FBM Mobile App visit .