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Foundation Building Materials Welcomes Recent Acquisition – Commercial Interior and Exterior Supply Company (CIESCO)

On August 1, 2018, Foundation Building Materials (FBM) announced the acquisition of Commercial Interior and Exterior Supply Company (CIESCO). With seven locations, CIESCO established itself as one of the largest distributors of building materials for interior/exterior walls, ceilings and insulation in the Central Pennsylvania market. This dedicated group of building materials professionals expanded its business over a 30 year period by successfully servicing customers in Central and Eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Southern New Jersey, Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia. 

As a result of the CIESCO acquisition, FBM has expanded its footprint with the following list of locations. 

  • Harrisburg, PA  – Building Materials
  • Harrisburg, PA  – Stealth Insulation
  • State College, PA – Building Materials
  • Downington, PA – Building Materials
  • Philadephia, PA – Building Materials
  • New Freedom, PA – Building Materials
  • Woodbridge, VA (Washington D.C.) – Building Materials

Please join us in welcoming CIESCO to the FBM Family!