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FBM Sales University 2018

At the end of May, FBM Leaders, Sales Teams and Vendor Partners gathered in Dallas, Texas to convene at the annual FBM Sales University.  The highly anticipated event was attended by over 220 FBM Salespeople and 50 vendor partners. Together both groups engaged in 22 unique classroom-style training sessions where any FBM Team Member in attendance could indulge in up to 18 hours of individual, product-solution focused educational time.

In addition to the educational program, FBM Leaders including Ruben Mendoza (CEO), Pete Welly (COO), John Gorey (CFO), Kirby Thompson (VP Sales), Bryan Vigue (Dir Marketing) and David Henry (VP Human Resource) covered a range of topics from salesmanship and business strategy to marketing developments and human resources.  

The vendor tradeshow, a highlight of the event, brought 50 select vendor partners together with the entire FBM Sales Team in attendance. This effort resulted in quality, face-to-face conversations about industry trends, existing products and new product developments.

Following the vendor tradeshow, the evening concluded with a large group dinner (both FBM and vendors) where key salespeople within FBM were recognized for their contributions to the company.

Awards and recognition for outstanding performance were handed out to the following sales people.

  • Gary Mazzurco (Pacific Region)
  • Tod Floyd (Midwest Region)
  • Craig Mauritz (Northeast Region)
  • Travis Thompson (Southeast Region)
  • Roger Graybeal (West Region)
  • Ed Simpson (Great Lakes Region)
  • Doug Wilkes (Canada)
  • James Fulkerson (Central Region)

FBM Sales University concluded on Friday with a compelling guest speaker who focused on a range of business themes including how to demonstrate value, effective goal setting and the pursuit of professional sales excellence.