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Armstrong Ceilings Solutions to Increase Price of Suspension Systems and Axiom Products

Date: March 12, 2018
Sales Bulletin: 2018-10DDC

Geographic Coverage: US – Commercial Distributors and Contractors

LANCASTER, PA – Armstrong Ceiling Solutions today announced the following actions:

  • Effective April 16, 2018, an 11% increase on the list price for all suspension systems
  • Effective April 16, 2018, a 7% increase on the list price for all Axiom products
  • Effective immediately, a 7% increase to all currently effective price exceptions for suspension systems
  • Effective immediately, a managed inventory program designed to ensure continued service levels throughout all regions, with program details and procedures to be provided through authorized sales representatives.

“Over the last several months, our industry has seen significant increases in the cost of steel and aluminum raw materials,” said Charlie M. Chiappone, Senior Vice President – Ceilings Solutions. “While Armstrong and Worthington Armstrong Venture remain diligently focused on effectively managing through this challenging inflationary environment, these measures are necessary at this time. We will continue to focus on delivering innovative, high-quality products and world-class service to our valued customers, and the ceiling and wall solutions they value. We appreciate your business as we navigate these volatile market conditions.”

Thank you.

The price increases and programming changes identified in this Sales Bulletin apply to the suspension system and Axiom products sold by the Worthington Armstrong Venture.