Foundation Building Materials featuring Armstrong® Ceiling & Wall Solutions – Tectum® Products

The Ultimate Combination of Durability, Acoustics, and Unique Visuals for Ceilings, Walls and Roof Decks

Tectum can be applied and used in Gymnasiums, Auditoriums, Multi-Purpose Spaces, Acoustical Retrofits, Exposed Structures, Educations Spaces and more…

With over 30 years of experience in the design, support and distribution of Tectum Products, FBM Staff lead the industry when it comes to providing proven and cost-effective solutions for interior acoustic and decorative panels. Our coveted, highly-trained Wall and Ceiling Solution Experts offer Tectum specific product knowledge and expertise resulting from decades of hands-on experience. With a focus on service, support and distribution, FBM’s 68 locations makes it one of North America’s largest Armstrong Certified Partners.

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