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Soundproof Drywall, Soundproof Sheetrock

Acoustic Drywall Solves the Noise Problem

Anyone who’s lived in an apartment knows the problem: noise from your neighbors walking above you, music coming into your bedroom when you need your sleep, and maybe even a dog barking from the neighbor on the OTHER side! In today’s construction environment, you see a lot more sound-dampening drywall specified, and FBM is proud to provide our customers with all the top brands: QuietRock® from Pabco, SilentFX from CertainTeed, SoundBreak® from National Gypsum, and Ensemble® Acoustical Drywall Ceiling from USG.


Soundproof Drywall: Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan

If you’re thinking about acoustics in construction, it helps to think about a party wall or ceiling like a bass drum: sheetrock is actually good at transmitting sound. Taking QuietRock as an example, soundproof drywall typically is designed with two layers of drywall, separated by a layer of sound-deadening material. While acoustic drywall demands a premium price, the alternative of multiple layers of normal drywall doesn’t solve the problem. QuietRock is available in ½” boards, and some experts have said its STC (Sound Transmission Class) is like having 7 layers of sheetrock…that would be about 4” of depth.

Higher STC numbers mean better sound-proofing. It’s important to note that STC ratings are not for single panels, but rather a rating for installing an entire wall system correctly…including the wall and ceiling surfaces. This means dual-layer soundproofing wallboard, framing studs, and insulation. While soundproof drywall panels are all inherently better than standard drywall at resisting sound transmission, it is not until these panels are integrated into a complete wall system that the true benefit is enjoyed.

And there’s more to installing sound proof drywall than the panels themselves…you need to consider wall penetrations like light switches, outlets, can lights, and of course the gaps along the base plate. This is where acoustical sealants, putty and glues come into play. You want to stop noise penetration and sympathetic vibration (that big bass drum) systematically. Each manufacturer has instructions available, as well as spec sheets…make sure your submittal will meet the specs of the architect or developer.

You’ll want to be sure you have the right materials on hand, and explain to your crew that where noise can penetrate a wall, it can bounce around and go around corners or into the space above a suspended ceiling. It’s certainly a good idea to check out the recommendations from the manufacturers about how to beef up the soundproofing at corners, plus how to work with wall outlets and can lights. This is definitely the kind of job you want to right the first time.

You’ll find whatever panel length you need for acoustic drywall: it comes in 8-, 9-, 10-, and 12-foot-long panels. Soundproof sheetrock may be available with fire-resistant properties (one variation has a metal panel between the drywall panels), as well as mold-resistant drywall. There’s even a top-of-the-line grade for sound studios!

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