About Us

FBMheadquartersWhat’s in a Name?

I got the name foundation from the Bible. It’s referenced there many times about a man building a house on a firm foundation. The house will withstand anything because of how it’s built and what it stands on.

My vision for this company is the same – to build a solid company that can withstand and flourish, no matter what the circumstances. We started the business March 1, 2011. Not exactly a building boom, but a chance to get started and set some small and obtainable goals.

As our footprint has grown, our team has remained true to the original vision set by my original partners, John Gorey and Tom Fischbeck, and me. We will stay focused on servicing our customers, working as a team and partnering with our vendors.

I also want to mention our logo and the cypress tree. I wanted something different than a picture of some tools or drywall and metal studs. The cypress tree is a great memory for us of the Pebble Beach area, as well as a symbol of something that has a firm foundation.

My promise to our customers is we will do business with integrity and honesty, strive to be the best every day and never forget we work for you.

To our team members, the goal has to be the best building material company in the industry. We’ll go above and beyond to service our customers and work as a team to accomplish our goals.

As we grow, our principles will not change. We believe in our strategy and will work hard to be the company of choice in the areas we serve.

Best regards,

Ruben D. Mendoza
President & CEO
Foundation Building Materials LLC


Service Area:

Branching Out to Build the Future

Foundation Building Materials has formed a vast and dependable construction materials distribution network that consists of over 170 branches across the country. Although each market offers its own product line up and flavor, all of our branches maintain a certain level of consistent quality by adhering to the same core beliefs:

  • Safety – We believe there is nothing we do that is so important we cannot do it safely.
  • Customer-Focused – We work for our customers.
  • Team Members – Our people are our most important asset and we work together to accomplish our goals.
  • Integrity and Honesty – We operate with uncompromising integrity and do what is right no matter the consequences.
  • Company of Choice – Our overall goal is to be the company of choice in the markets we serve.


Current Branches (and still sprouting!)Fork-lift in Drywall Warehouse

  • FBM Arizona
  • FBM California
  • FBM Colorado
  • FBM Florida
  • FBM Illinois
  • FBM Indiana
  • FBM Iowa
  • FBM Kansas
  • FBM Michigan
  • FBM Missouri
  • FBM Nebraska
  • FBM Ohio
  • FBM Pennsylvania
  • FBM Tennessee
  • FBM Texas
  • FBM Wisconsin

To locate your nearest FBM branch, please click here. Visit our Roots page to learn more about the history of Foundation Building Materials and its U.S. expansion.

FBM continually works to be the best by helping to build up the companies that are building the future.