Headquarters with skyOriginally 15 independent entities, FBM is now a cohesive force in building materials throughout the U.S. The original California-based Foundation Building Materials has expanded by adding several other product powerhouse branches to its family. Our extensive, nationwide building supply network includes the companies previously known as:

  • Empire Building Materials (California)
  • Railway Distributing, Inc. (California)
  • Escondido Building Materials (California)
  • Wallboard & Supply (Tennessee)
  • Home Acres (Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin)
  • Southwest Building Materials (Arizona)
  • Kobrin (Florida)
  • Gypsum Supply (Texas)
  • Central Building Materials (Texas)
  • Wagner Interior Supply (Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska)
  • Wholesale Building Supply (Ohio, Pennsylvania)
  • BAV (Texas)
  • Great Western (California and Arizona)
  • Gypsum Supply (Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin)
  • Commercial Building Materials (Michigan)
  • Mid America Drywall Supply (Kansas)
  • Kent Gypsum (Washington)
  • Ken/API Supply (Kentucky and Ohio)
  • Winroc SPI (United States and Canada)

By maintaining each of their best, firmly rooted features, the formerly independent companies that now comprise FBM are able to grow and create even greater opportunity in the U.S. construction materials industry. FBM is now a single, solid national company tuned in to the individual building material needs of each U.S. geographical area based on climate, codes and other local variations. Specialized regional product line-ups are paired with FBM’s nationwide foundation of core principles for an outstanding overall customer experience.